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is also changing the essential processes in tax consulting.
With many years of experience, we support our clients by means of future-oriented EDP and modern technology in the paperless, digital processing of financial accounting.
We access your digitized documents online, create the complete accounting for you and you can access your open items, your totals and balances list and your business management evaluations directly online. This means that you always have up-to-date figures and evaluations for the management of your company and access to your documents at all times.

Various companies and partners offer appropriate solutions. We will support and advise you on the optimal choice for you. We are already working with companies such as DATEV and debitoor.

  • DATEV Unternehmen online - DATEV UNonline

    With the online document management application „Belegverwaltung online" (a component of DATEV UNonline) the documents are saved in a audit-proof way. – DATEV Belegverwaltung online

    DATEV provides further information in a video: DATEV-Video

  • debitoor –

    Debitoor is an online accounting provider that allows you to provide the uploaded documents for processing.

With the introduction of the GoBD (principles for the orderly keeping and saving of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access), business transactions must be recorded in a timely, unchangeable, audit-proof and electronically retrievable manner. The taxpayer is responsible for compliance with the following principles. Informationen zu GoBD


Replacing Scanning

The Replacing Scanning process allows you to eliminate the need to keep paper documents. Prerequisite for this is a procedural documentation („Verfahrensdokumentation") of the receipt of the paper document, the scanning process up to destruction. The Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants (BStBK - Bundessteuerberaterkammer) and the German Tax Consultants' Association (DStV - Deutscher Steuerberaterverband e. V.) have published a sample procedural documentation (Verfahrensdokumentation).

Our fields of work

  • Support selection of software/web app

  • Introduction of digital receipts
    (e. g. ZugFerD)

  • Change of procedural steps in Financial Accounting

  • Structuring of several accounting procedures

  • Invoicing solutions

  • Support with procedural documentation for replacing scanning

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